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Carolyn Lambert leaves Las Vegas and her mother’s scandalous past behind and moves to the quiet seaside town of Seaville, South Carolina. She accepts a position as a Librarian, and except for a noisy neighbor, finds peace and refreshing friendships.

A chance encounter with a street magician throws her a curve ball. What starts as a friendly attraction for the winsome and irresistible Eric Sinclair and his magic tricks turns into a bond Carolyn isn’t expecting. She’s experienced firsthand her mother’s trail of bad choices, and the last thing she wants is a relationship built on pure enchantment alone.

Eric isn’t just a street magician but an undercover detective whose job is to expose a drug cartel running their goods through the port of Seaville. The need to maintain his cover creates difficulty as he struggles between allegiance to his career and a deepening affection for the beautiful, charming librarian. But how will Eric’s investigation affect Carolyn as she becomes a suspect in part of the drug ring? Will their relationship survive the intense challenges ahead?


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