The cat that came for a nap

Let me preface by telling you that we own two cats and this guy isn’t one of them.

Hubby and I were standing in the carport when a cat strolled toward us and began weaving between our ankles and rubbing against our legs. Not only was he affectionate, but also very vocal with kitty trills, singsong meows, and a host of other cat conversation.

When hubs opened the door to go inside, the cat zoomed past him and walked around the house as if he owned the place. He ate a bit of our cats’ food, found their litter pan, and used the “facilities.” After exploring the whole house from one end to the other, he decided a nap was in order.

Judging by his clean and ultra-soft coat, this kitty was loved and well-taken care of. He wore a red collar with a little bell hanging from it, but didn’t have any kind of identification tag. I uploaded his photo on the NextDoor app and hoped his owner would see it. Also, I decided to bring him to a local vet and see if he was chipped.

Turns out, Simba was indeed chipped! But no one responded to the phone number associated with the chip. I had no choice but to take the cat back home with me, which was okay. I needed a nap and Simba did too. He cuddled with me as if we were long-lost buddies.

Lo and behold, someone recognized Simba’s photo on the NextDoor app, notified the owner, and the pair were reunited. I kidded the young lady who came to pick Simba up and told her the cat had cheated on her and slept with me. We had a good laugh, and Simba went home where he belonged.

Simba, claiming the top spot on the cat tree.

Thanksgiving and… DOGS

It’s been a couple of years since my novella, Thanksgiving at Canine Corral was published, but every time the holiday approaches, I find myself rereading and enjoying it. Yeah, that makes me sound a little biased and a tad self-absorbed, but… Okay, okay! A LOT biased and self-absorbed, maybe. LOL. But I seriously enjoyed writing this book!

I’m an animal lover from way back. The first dog in my life was Cindy, a honey-colored mutt with a gentle and sweet temperament. Cindy was a few years old when my father came home with a stray pup he’d found wandering on the street near the garage where he worked. My mother was not pleased as she did not want a second dog.

But Mom also had a soft heart toward animals, and as I sat there watching the ensuing exchange between my parents, I had a sneaking suspicion that this newcomer was going to be with us for a long, long time.

“Mike,” Mom said to my dad. “We don’t need another dog!”

The little stray knew how to WORK the situation! She put her head on my mother’s lap and poured on the sad-puppy look.

“I’m serious, Mikey. One dog is enough for our apartment.” Now, Mom was unconsciously stroking the pup’s luxuriously soft and gorgeous fur and scratching behind its ears.

“But, Mabel–”

“No. We have a cat and a dog. That’s enough to feed and care for. She’s got to go.” Mom cupped the puppy’s face and kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry little girl, but…”

Suddenly, Mom was crying. She scooped the pup onto her lap and hugged the wriggling bundle.

I was right. The newcomer stayed with us the rest of her life and was a joy to the entire family.

So, you see, it comes as no surprise that I would write a book about a young woman whose passion for animals led her into a lifelong quest to find homes for stray, abandoned, and otherwise homeless dogs.

I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving at Canine Corral.

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