Pulling the Plug on Social Media

It’s official. I’m out of Facebook and Twitter for good.


When I landed book deals with a couple of publishers several years ago, they recommended I join some social media sites to a) get my name out there, b) interact with readers/fans, and c) promote my work. There were no real instructions as to how to accomplish those three tasks once my accounts were set up, and for me, vague recommendations just don’t cut it.

I’ll admit, I did enjoy the cat videos, Forrest Gump memes, and the occasional Chuck Norris jokes (Before going to bed, the Boogie Man checks the closet for Chuck Norris…). Photos of friend’s gardens, their grandchildren, and pets sleeping in crazy positions made me smile. But the bombardment of political opinions and re-posts of un-researched and un-true news, quotes, and quasi “facts” more than tipped the scale in the opposite direction.

Most of all, for ME, social media was a vortex that sucked large quantities of time and gave little in return. If I was writing and the muse just wasn’t tickling my creative side, I’d pop over to FB to…to…to…I dunno. Certainly not to find inspiration. It had become an addiction, plain and simple. A go-to place to relieve boredom and veg out.

I judge no one. If you’re happy with social media, wonderful. I’m glad you enjoy it. Really.

I’ll still be here. Hanging out at the house. Writing. You know… Living large. (LOL)

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Pulling the Plug on Social Media

  1. I too am realising just how much time I’m losing to social media, and in a rather devious way too. Most times, I just don’t realise how long I’ve been procrastinating on them apps until it’s too late. Am looking to actively cut down time as well. Wishing you all the best on your new social-media-less journey!


    1. Hi Stuart. Yes, it’s definitely easy to lose track of time while surfing through different social media platforms. I’m not disciplined enough to limit my time, so I had to pull the plug entirely.

      I see you’re based in Malaysia. Beautiful country. I enjoyed visiting on several occasions. Even dipped down to Singapore and up to Thailand. Loved the people and scenery. And the food was awesome.


      1. Whoa! It’s rare to find someone who’s been here, especially since it’s on the other end of the world. And yes, I do think we have some of the best food in the world (Southeast Asia).

        I kinda failed on my social-media diet yesterday, but today’s a new day and I’ll try again!


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