Motivation VS Discipline

coffee-156144__340I’m just sitting here waiting for my second cup of coffee to magically move from the kitchen counter, where I left it, to my office, where I’m too lazy to get up and go get it. Maybe if I see hubby going that way…

mission-3568221__340Here’s a thought. Totally random. I remember when a friend and I went to a writer’s conference where we listened to two motivational speakers. One was very interesting, the other, meh. Anyway, we all left the room pumped up after the one particular guy’s presentation. Yeah, we’re gonna do this! Wow, wasn’t he good? Man, am I amped up. Woo-hoo!

image.pngBut what it all amounted to, come to think of it, was getting our psychological balloons inflated with hot air. Then, when the rah-rah-rah wore off, we were in the same boat as before. We all wanted success, and it was nice to hear about his series of lucky breaks, how pieces fell into place, and the stars lined up to create stair-steps to the pinnacle of literary fame.

So why’d I bring this up, anyway? I dunno. The coffee’s still in the kitchen. I want it. Bad. I know how good it’ll feel to have it. To wrap my hands around my favorite mug, feel the warmth penetrating the ceramic shell, making my skin feel wonderful. The anticipation and want-to is there.

I’m motivated!

But I’m not disciplined.

Where are all “Disciplinal” speakers? Do they exist? Or, maybe they’re just too busy “doing” to put down their hoes, wrenches, and battle gear to get on stage and give a talk to us lazy, undisciplined, deflated slugs?

Man, I really, really want that coffee.

Rant over. As you were.divider-36856_960_720

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7 thoughts on “Motivation VS Discipline

  1. I’ll join your ranks in waiting for the ideal motivational speaker to step up and motivate me….nah, Ill join you for a cup of coffee and we can rant together 🙂 great blog!

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  2. Giggled at this post. I can identify. I’ve walked past my laptop every day for just over a month and though I see it and want to finish writing that last book [you know the one that has been in limbo for more than a year], other things are currently more important. Am I scared to write the ending or just plain lazy? Can I not even find 20 minutes each day? In my [rather pitiful] defense, I do have a full time job and a tiny social life – but even then, if I could remember the “why I’m writing” bit, I might could actually spend some time on it each day. I’m gonna do it. Yep… but later. LOL

    [Noticed that you’re one of my twitter followers and that you also live in Louisiana. You wouldn’t happen to be Fawn’s mom? Anyway, I thought I’d check out your blog and find out what you write. If your books are anything like this blog post, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading them.]


  3. Hello, Jen. Yes, I am indeed Fawn’s mother. 🙂 What a small world, eh?

    At present I’m trying to finish the last two chapters of my current book. Two chapters! Every day there are false starts. A few words penned and saved as outtakes because they’re not up to snuff. Or other ideas shot down because they don’t “clinch” the story well enough. So I walk away, take a nap, or have a cookie. Discipline gets tossed out the window.

    Finish that last book, Jen! Then start the next one. It’s worth it in the end.

    We can DO this!


    1. Oh my! I thought you looked familiar 🙂 I have such great memories of hanging out at your place when I was little. Would love to catch up sometime. I hope you and yours are doing great!

      Yep – we can do this! Literally can’t write regularly till next week, but I’ve been “filling the tank” so I should be able to begin working on the book again. It’s that last third of it that’s so rough. The plot bones are there, they just need some guts and such to make the story come to life.

      Purchased one of your smaller books. Your reviews on amazon are stellar, lots of readers saying that they couldn’t put down your book and that your characters feel real to them so I can’t wait to read it.

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      1. Hi Jennifer!!!!!

        I thought I would hijack my mom’s blog for just a moment.

        I would like to commend you for something you did that impacted my life. When we were very young (maybe 6 or so), you invited me to your birthday party. The time came for you to open all your gifts. After several gifts you opened one, and I deflated. It was the same My Little Pony that I had bought for you. I felt so embarrassed when you finally got to my gift. I thought you would be disappointed to have the identical present. When you opened it, you gave me the biggest smile, and with all sincerity, you announced, “Now I have TWINS!!!!!”. That thrilled my heart.

        I have retold this story of your graciousness to many people. Amazing how little acts of kindness can impact those around us.

        So after 30+ years, thank you, Jennifer, for teaching me to keep my words sweet!!!!



      2. Irene – Thanks for your encouragement. And I’ll definitely leave a review of the book once I’ve read it. I too have great memories of being with you guys. 🙂

        Fawn – your story brought tears to my eyes. I don’t even remember that day – only that I loved those My Little Pony toys – still have some of them with hopes of passing them along. I remember how much I loved hanging out with you and how heartbroken I was when we lost touch.

        I do remember, however, the a prank your mom pulled on me one day. It still makes me giggle. We were all at your house. I had never had cantaloupe before [or maybe it was honeydew?], so I was watching her prepare it for us. She scraped all of the seeds out into a bowl, gave it to me, and then asked, “Would you like a spoon or a fork?”

        Yep – LOL. I remember looking down at the stringy mess, my nose wrinkled in distaste feeling kinda surprised/confused. Were we only gonna eat the seeds? So timidly I said, “spoon,” and then everyone who knew better laughed. We all had a good laugh once she took the bowl from me and I realized I wouldn’t have to eat those slimy seeds LOL I was such a serious kid it must’ve been a blast to pick on me, but I remember how funny that was and it’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

        Would love to catch up – email me directly if you want so we don’t fill up the comments here? LOL [jflah (at)]


  4. Aww, thanks. I hope you enjoy the book. When I finish my current WIP it’ll be #10 for me. Something of a milestone. Can’t wait to finish so I can take a break. Of course, I say that every time and end up diving into the next project right away. But a nice breather would be wonderful.

    Let me know how progress goes with your story! Hang some meat on those plot bones and git ‘er done. 🙂

    I also have great memories of when Fawn used to have a house load of girls over and the place would erupt with laughter and good fellowship. It was a lot of fun. Good times.


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