Meet Susan Karsten…

Susan KarstenI’ll admit, when I first joined ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) in 2012, and met Susan Karsten through their critique group, I wasn’t sure about linking up with a critique partner who wrote historical romance. After all, I wrote contemporary stuff with Special Forces military men as my heroes, and had a grittier sense of story-telling. But once she and I started trading chapters, I was enthralled with her style and grace in writing.

A Match for MelissaNeedless to say, I’m thrilled to announce the debut of the first book in Susan Karsten’s Honor’s Point Series, A Match for Melissa. Just look at that awesome cover! It’s gorgeous

From the back-cover blurb:  

*Melissa Southwood goes along with her ambitious father’s matchmaking schemes until one event throws all into question.

Amidst balls, carriage rides, dinner parties, and danger, Melissa must navigate an arranged courtship as well as the attentions of another nobleman.

Which aristocratic suitor will win her heart?*

Here, I’ll let some of the reviews on Amazon speak for themselves:

A Match for Melissa Reviews

It’s with great pleasure that I fully endorse A Match for Melissa. If you’re a fan of historical fiction (and even if you aren’t), I trust that you’ll enjoy this book as much as I have. Highly recommended.

Check it out on now.






4 thoughts on “Meet Susan Karsten…

  1. Thank you so much for the charming blog post. I have been thrilled at how many readers are giving Regency romance a try, and loving it. As one reviewer mentioned, the era had many unique verbal expressions and figures of speech and most Regencies feature those — my book does and I had fun picturing readers enjoying them.


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