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38588850b6f6fd8f89b2623302627b731ac8c8e2Bethel Manor, an inspirational romance, takes place during the Victorian era with engaging characters such as the wealthy Fredrick Shaw and his feisty daughter, Clare. Enjoy the rugged countryside as James Winthrop Blackwell travels across England. Revel in the setting, Bethel Manor, a place of magnificence and style where servants know secrets and the owner is a man of propriety and integrity. James Winthrop comes of age and searches for answers after being abandoned as an infant at Alpheton House Orphanage. He must come to terms with the reasons for his abandonment and resolve how God can still use someone whose parents chose to cast them aside. Join James, Fredrick and Clare at Bethel Manor and discover for yourself how others can bring optimism and encouragement when life seems difficult and without hope. Fans of Downton Abbey will enjoy Bethel Manor!


Bea Fishback Author photoBeatrice Fishback, originally from New York, lived in the East Anglian area of Great Britain for over twenty years and traveled extensively in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. She is the author of Loving Your Military Man by FamilyLife Publishing and, with her husband Jim, is the co-author of Defending the Military Marriage and Defending the Military Family. She has been published in various compilations, magazines and online websites.
She and her husband have spoken to audiences in the USA, Germany, England, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Korea, and Japan. They have also presented to international audiences in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Latvia.
Beatrice and Jim currently reside in North Carolina where scones are called biscuits and are topped with gravy, and tea is served over ice.

Interview with Bea:

What has been the most challenging thing about your new release, Bethel Manor?

This inspirational romance was written about the Victorian era, and although the Internet allows for easier access to information, I still had to double-check certain details to make sure I had the right information for that time period.

Where did you get the title for your book?

We lived in a home in England that was dubbed Bethel Manor by our pastor at the time. Bethel means “house of God,” and our small home had actually been a farmer’s cottage fifty-years prior to us owning it. Because it was so small, our pastor titled it a Manor—a bit tongue-in-cheek.

What is one thing about the book you’d hope to achieve by writing it?

My hope was that this story could be an alternative for people looking for a clean, wholesome romance with a faith-based backdrop.

I understand you have another book release in November. Is this the same genre?

No, I’m excited about the next upcoming book titled Dying to Eat at the Pub. This book is a contemporary, cozy mystery but is also set in Great Britain.

What’s a cozy mystery?

It’s a light-hearted murder-story-line with humor and gregarious characters. It’s intended to be a great read for a relaxing evening or a day at the beach.

When will we expect to see this next book?

Dying to Eat at the Pub will be released November 2016 by eLectio Publishers.

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