Thanksgiving at Canine Corral


Tanzy Meadows works hard to keep the Canine Corral, her no-kill shelter for dogs, financially afloat. She provides the animals’ needs, often neglecting her own, and strives to find a forever home for them. But her problems mount when the city council threatens to put her out of business, and a close friend develops a life-threatening condition.

Tanzy is smitten by Jake Strickland, a mysterious but handsome new arrival in town. Graphic designer and computer guru by trade, Jake revamps her shelter’s web page, helps bring in much-needed funds, and provides innovative ways to find her dogs loving homes.

But will Jake be the one person she can share her hopes, dreams, and future with? Or is he hiding something? Underneath his charming demeanor lurks mystery Tanzy can’t understand. Will this side of him turn out to be a blessing, or will his reticence tear them apart?

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