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The Traveler

A traveler came through a small country town and brought with him news from around the globe. Citizens gathered in the courthouse square to listen as the man spoke for hours about events occurring in places they would never visit and people they would never meet. From morning to evening, the traveler painted a bleak … Continue reading The Traveler

Something to do during quarantine.

Hello again! Everybody doing okay? Hanging in there with all this “social distancing” and everything else that’s going on? It’s a stressful time for some folks. Understandably so. I hope you and your loved ones have been physically untouched by COVID-19 even if the world is turned a bit upside down. To help during this … Continue reading Something to do during quarantine.

The Preacher and the Shopkeeper

It’s here! Get your Kindle copy for 99¢ for a limited time. Here’s the back-cover synopsis: Industrial City, Ava Starling’s hometown, is struggling to survive with businesses and industries closing and jobs at a minimum. She’s desperately trying to help assist the needy through the thrift store she owns and operates, but homelessness is on … Continue reading The Preacher and the Shopkeeper

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