Diet, day three…

In my last blog I told you I was on a diet. I’m not talking about some crazy sort of food deprevation scheme for weight loss. No, that’s not it all all. I’m fasting from social media.

If I were a disciplined person, I could probably give myself a set amount of time each day to visit Facebook. But, nah. I know myself. No can do. It’s like having Keebler cookies in the pantry and telling myself I can only have two each day. Yeah, right. Like that’s gonna happen. The Keebler elf and I are tight. So are my britches. Which is why I can’t keep cookies in the house.

So here I am. Day three, no Facebook. How am I doing? I’ll tell you…

My savvy computer knows how addicted I am. All I have to do is type an “f” in my browser’s search bar and, whammo! It knows to populate Facebook. Yup. It brings me right to the login page. Yikes! There it is. Staring me in the face. The front door to my addiction. I’ve got to close the browser fast lest temptation puts me in a headlock and makes me cave in.

Do I miss Facebook yet? Yeah. Sort of. I haven’t seen a funny cat meme or dog video in three days. And, of course, I miss tidbits of news from my online buddies.

On the other hand, one thing I don’t miss is when certain friends dump every bad-news item from mainstream and other-stream news media onto their feed for all of us to… um… enjoy? Killings, rioting, pestilance, kidnappings… Goodness gracious. Less gore and more happy-happy, please. Bring on the cat videos!

So, there you have it. My “diet” thus far. I’ll keep you posted.

Just so you know, my latest book is now available on Amazon. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

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