Justice for Hattie Mayfair, by Irene Onorato

Gracious Woman

Justice for Hattie Mayfair, Irene Onorato’s latest release, has a special place in my “reading heart”. Knowing the author, I had a chance to read the prologue several years ago. It was super-memorable. But Irene set the manuscript aside, meanwhile publishing a series of romantic suspense novels and a couple of stand-alone novels.

She finally got back to “Hattie” as I like to call this book. And I am so glad she did. Wow, can she ever make characters come alive! Her pacing is excellent, and her heroes and heroines are delightful and interesting.

Lexi and Corbin — what a couple!  Their romance leaps off the page, the yearning of their hearts, the trials they go through, the past that threatens to get in their way. Not to mention actual danger.

This book is available on Amazon and is currently free on Kindle Unlimited, and available for regular digital…

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